How we built


We let you focus on reading.

We try to provide a clean and simple reading experience. A reading experience that gets out of the way and puts the focus on the articles. But I want want feature X? Simply check if it is avaible in the App Marketplace and install it. So you will have all the feature you want and none of which you don't want. And if you don't like the design you will soon be able to create your personalized template!


We are a open platform that lets developers build what they want.

We provide a wide set of APIs that go way beyond what traditional RSS reader APIs provided. Developers could not only use as a backend for their services but they can develop apps and plugins directly on We are expanding the API continuously so that developers could build things that we would never have imagined.

But it will not be only for developers, because soon also the user could personalize their experience. Imagine creating your own personal filtering algorithms. Or changing the colors of the page like you want. Soon we will provide tools to easily do this.

We also promise to maintain the API open and never close it down. As our business model is to provide "RSS as a Service", our interests are aligned with the interests of the developers: the more the developers create useful services, the more the user (or developer) has to pay for the RSS as a Service computing power and generates revenue for We will so never have the need to shut developers down to drive traffic to our site.


We will not shut down. Because we have a sustainable & predictable business model.

Our business model is to provide "RSS as a Service", this means that the users pay for the resources they consume (except for the users using the free tire). This makes our business model extremely reliable, that in turn lets us provide the user with a very reliable service.